LOT 20: Mike Mmutle – Tswana Homestead and Basotho Clay Pots

Tswana Homestead and Basotho Clay Pots
Watercolour on paper
38cm x 26cm and 38cm x 26cm

Estimate: R1000 – R3000

Auction started 20 April 2023 8:00 am
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Born in 1948, Michael Mmutle aimed throughout his artistic career at improving and mastering his medium and technique before considering expressing his emotions and dreams. Places of historical and cultural significance often form part of Michael’s Landscapes, e.g. the mountains at Mmakau, a village next to Ga-Rankuwa.

Known places and people, e.g. the mountains and rural areas around Ga-Rankuwa women and children of these areas as well as township scene and that of Marabastad are among his favourite subject matter.

Light and colour are very prominent in Michael’s paintings. He strives to capture the clarity and brightness of the African sunlight. Bluish purple in particular is significant to him. It creates an illusion of distance in his paintings and contributes to a feeling of spirituality and mystery. An unrestrained atmosphere, peace and tranquillity characterises all his works.